Hi, I am Nicole.

A rational, strategic mind with a passionate, investigative sense for creative, individual & elegant design solutions.

A Home Worth Having

I love giving details big attention - which is why I want you to notice:
My business is called A HOME WORTH HAVING, not 'Nicole Scholtysik Design', or similar.

When I say my 'About Me' is all about you I mean it just like that.

My ambition is not to be known for one specific design style. How boring is that?

I am compelled to understand and serve my clients on a human and very personal level and then deliver concepts feel uniquely private.


My superpower is:

to listen, sort big amounts of information and detail, recognize patterns and then translate and arrange this data into visual structures.


I love to learn.

About you, your values & your aspirations in life. And then create an interior that feels just like.... YOU!

That said: Naturally, I have my own set of values I like to measure my designs by

I believe


should be:

Design needs trust.

The 'human connection' is the most important part of my work - so I get it: you need to know more about me before you are willing to share with me.

I am all for honesty and transparency.

So let's talk between friends: values, ethics, personal convictions. 

I will share with you what I usually just discuss with the inner circle of friends - just leave me your email.