Hi, I am Nicole.

The creative consultant that listens to your words, understands your desire for a purpose-filled life and translates all into 3 dimensional, personalized living concepts.

The results are rooms that are just as elegant and refined as they are appropriate and feasible for your budget and your family life.

A Home Worth Having

is about ditching the idea of "being in competition" inside your own home.

Your home is your space. Here - you rule.

And no one has a say about how things should be, but you. Your home is your kingdom and "the others" can have as many opinions as they want to.
Close the door on them and let's explore what makes your life beautiful to you.


What do you already have that brings joy and that you want to celebrate more?

What do you lack, crave badly and always wanted to consciously cultivate more in your life?


A Home Worth Having

is a space that

increases the credentials

of you. It is made of the history that made you, the soulful human you are now and the extraordinary personality you see yourself grow into.

A Home Worth Having

is a home that

built with purpose

and filled with things that have meaning.

A Home Worth Having

is a home that encourages

& reminds you to  

take pride

in the beauty of your own personality.

My mission is:

I want you to SEE A CLEAR PATH on how to make big and small changes, that will add up to build a beautiful interior & evolve into a 'home culture' that feels just like you

I want your home to be the nourishing ground for a life that is more authentic & rooted in something real and personal - your values, convictions & personal truths.

That said, naturally, I have my own set of convictions design needs to fulfill:

I believe


should be:

I, personally, have a superpower:

I am a freaking good learner and badass translator.
Sounds lame? Pah!

I strive for quality, not fame. Which is why my business is called A Home Worth Having, not „Nicole Scholtysik Design“ or similar blah.

I am a child of immigrants and have been an expat myself for half of my life.

I speak 5languages and have lived in 6 different countries, on 3continents in the last 18years.

I know what it is like to start a new life, in a new country with a different culture and a foreign language

....by myself. 

...with nothing more than 2 suitcases of belongings in my hand.


And then I have been part of design teams that handle multi-million € residential projects. 

My boss called me his ‚profiler‘ and my colleagues' ‚the bullet‘ because I like to create impact. Baaam!

Before going to university I won a full scholarship to a prestigious, private language school in order to become a translator for the United Nations - not just in one language, but TWO!!! 
But I turned that down in order to join the „dark side“ and study design. And I realized: I love profound beauty and can‘t stand the shallow bling. 

what I can do

for you:

listen, take in the information, the words, the data, the details.... I analyze and recognize structures and patterns and rearrange them to create something uniquely you. I have a creative brain with a rational spirit.

„Only the ideas we can bring in to life are valuable when it comes to change.“


I will encourage you to be different, to dare to be and have character - in an appropriate fashion.


May that be through building a home that serves your outgoing ambition, or creating an interior that lets your introverted quietness shine.

So from my point of view, you have 2 choices:

A) Keep scrolling through that Pinterest feed of yours and continue decorating the surfaces you have available.


B) get me on your team and let's start creating a space that is about the experience of being in your company and sharing the values that build the culture of your family life.

Let's create impact!