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You are the director of your life quality.

Build on your past for a remarkable future.


The 3 Step Process

your purpose-built home and life.


Download The Project Manual



Download your complete AHWH project manual & have all the info without you giving up any personal details other than your e-mail address.

- General info

- style questionnaire

- terms & conditions

- contract


Fill out the questionnaire & find out if it is really interior design you want and need.

Once you are ready to proceed: go to step 02.

Download Infos and Contracts.

Tell Me Your Story


& send me the questionnaire so I can prepare.


You chose the time & date so we can talk, get to know each other and you can make a personal decision on whether I am THE designer for you.

This is true 1:1 consultation time. Via Skype, WhatApp (Video, if you want) or regular call over the phone.

I will have worked through your filled out questionnaire and prepared additional question. Please expect this talk to be anything between 45 - 90min. We won't meet in person so I want to make sure we have enough time to answer all your questions.


After that, YOU give the sign if and when it is time to head forward or not.

Book A Call

Let Me Design Your Concept


It takes about 3 weeks until your design is ready.
We will take another appointment and I will present your very own, very special design.

You will get:

- a design presentation explaining to you what and how I came up with what I came up with and why it fulfills your needs.

- at a glace sheets that brings the essentials to the point on 2-4 sheets. Inspiration, layout plan, moodboard, color scheme.

- cost estimation.

- renovation plan (what to buy/order, plan and tackle first, second, third... last)


Interior e-Design

The package includes:

What you get for your money:

- TWO 1:1 calls
- I will take you through the process of:

Defining your emotional and your design goal.

Taking inventory and broadening your understanding of your space.

Discussing your inspiration and aspirations in terms of budget and feasibility.

Creating the most refined solution for your space.

- You will get a presentation explaining you how the design meets all of the points above and a personalized concept that includes:

A color scheme

A mood board with furniture, materials and textile suggestions.

A cost estimation where applicable.




Frequently Asked Questions


Feel free to message with others you might have.

How is it possible that I offer a fixed price? You have never seen that before?
There is no secret, my friend: This is a packaged deal.

Traditionally in the interior (or any kind of consulting business, really), there are meetings and talks and you pay for the consultants time to not only produce that product or service you want, but also the time it takes to get to know you and figure out exactly what it is you want him/her to deliver.

And then there is the time you pay for 'Project Managing' your renovation.

At 'A Home Worth Having' things are different:

I have spent a fair bit of time to develop a process that allows me to take a local business online and includes a fair bit of preparation from your side. This process of mine allows me to use my years of experience in design and endless refinement in time-management to your best use:

You get (a lot) more budget control, but it will require you to give me peaks of high attention from you. This process is all about partnership and getting personally invested in your vision of your future home.


You get the 1:1 consultation time AND the full creative design service, that will leave you enabled to project manage yourself and save you thousands of $ or € to actually invest in your home a quality craftsmanship.


This process will require you to get invested and be prepared to give me all sorts of data. And then that is what I was trained to do:

Next to being a good listener and coming up with creative ideas, a designer has to be a good translator:

I "translate" your words and desired feelings into color schemes, furniture layouts, light planning and a project management timeline.

Understanding 3D spaces from 2D plans and pictures is what I am trained to do. Designers are meant to be the mediators between clients with feelings and desires and architects and craftsman wanting all information in technical data and drawings - and understand and communicate with both sides.

You can't.

There is no 100% assurance that you will like what I create. Just like there is no 100% assurance that you will like that book everybody told you is so great.

But there is a process you can trust in.

There is an extensive questionnaire to help you put into words what you like and don't, what you prefer vs. would underwhelm you.

You will have to provide me with visuals that show me your desired esthetics of your future home & your interior now.

I will give you access to an extensive catalog of interiors that I adore, admire and reflect my value of how good design looks like.

There will be 1:1 time to discuss all of the above and what your aspirations for you and your future home are.

And after all of the above - before you decide if you want to move forward - I will give you a resume of my impressions and where I see this project going. So you can make an informed decision INCLUDING feedback on how things were received and understood on my side.

I know that if you are confident at this point to head forward, you will almost surely love what our collaboration will bring forward for your home.

Getting your interior done the "A Home Worth Having-way" is not about copying a certain style you saw somewhere else already, but rather about uncovering and telling the story of what it looks and feels like to live your most faboulous self.

And remember: Should there still be things to tweak later - there is one revision round included in the price to make room for your adjustments.

Yes there is. - there are.

I don't do kids rooms for clients that I haven't worked with before and I don't do "shabby chic".

The first I don't do because I am simply not into "cute" and "fluffy". And parents expectations to kids rooms often mix 'childhood dreams' and 'adult aspirations' that are very hard to nail. And I aim to please and get that referal from you.
So until I don't have a deaper understanding of the client and her personal values: I don't take on 'just nurseries'.

There are many very talented designers that specialize in kids design.


And I don't do "shabby chic".

It is simply beyond me why anyone would want to make new furniture look 'fake old'. That's like buying new jeans that have already holes in them - I don't do that neither.

Oh I get that.

But that is a complete different story. It is quite litterally about telling the story of how the new came to be, based on what was there before. That is a beautiful story to come up with. It is all about making contrast work harmoniously - I like that challenge.

Just don't ask me to refurbish something in order to give it a "history" it simply does not have.

Design-wise? YES!

We can always plan on how your home would look like without that wall, or with that additional extention. But you will ALWAYS have to get the expertise of a qualified professional ON LOCATION to check if that change in structure if feasible and sound for your home to do.

Girlfriend, you are not alone.

This is something we all deal with. We all could do with a little - or a lot - less.

I will address this question in depth in the near future in the form of a mini-series of blog posts. You should sign up for the newsletter - it is going to be good.

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