What if procrastinating wasn't your problem anymore?

30 days of 'visioneering' a remarkable home.

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You are what you say 'YES' to in life.

We all dream of being more than average. We want to be memorable, we want to be noted by others and referred to as 'Remarkable!'

Your 'comfort zone' is your ordinary. It is what you are already good at - predictably good at. If you want to be extra-ordinary you have to put in extra effort - that's no secret. The art lies in knowing about the fine distinction on where that extra will drain and where it will fuel you. Visioneering your noteworthiness is how you figure that out!

— Nic Scholtysik

Stop looking at social media or other peoples homes:

Start designing a home that puts your vision of 'the good life' center-stage.

  • START BUILDING a virus-proof, indistructible and independent running INNERNET
  • INSTEAD OF: collecting 325 Pinterest boards with thousands of pretty & neatly sorted, but unhelpful pins...
  • Build a clear vision - one board that shows you exactly what you want to get next.
  • INSTEAD OF: spending money on random pretty details & decor items that won't create much change...
  • Know WHAT and HOW to buy mindful and curate with purpose.
  • INSTEAD OF: being constantly underwhelmed & disappointed with the look and vibe of your home & life.
  • Enjoy the atmosphere and look forward to coming home.
  • INSTEAD OF: wondering how you can impress your guests...
  • get excited about how you can show a bolder you by tuning up your style one degree at a time
  • INSTEAD OF: getting triggered & feeling pressured to buy now because it's on sale.
  • walk away with the inner security that you don't have to settle for cheaper or less good.

in short:

start building the circumstances you need to live your version of 'the good life'.

And on the way, you can build the ones you love and be the creator of life ...and flow ...and good memories.

Start building up what shows the world the best side of you.



has been one big turmoil, but what if...


to finally tackle the mess in order to declutter & design a more curated life.

What could you achieve if you could have a space that is & allows you to be wildly, uniquely and remarkably YOU?

Don't continue telling yourself: "Someday when ..."

  • - the kids are out their 'sticky-finger-years' and can be trusted with the 'NO-Food-In-The-Living-Room'-rule.
  • - you finally own and not rent.
  • - you have the money to do it all in one big swooping renovation project.

You will never 'get-into-action' if you are waiting for the circumstances to be right. Circumstances will always tell you to stay comfortable and to stay average.

Motivation comes when we see greatness that hits the sweet spot between exciting and intimidating.

Let's dig up your awesome, make it worthy-to-be-noted &

'love the shit out of your home' and the good life that is happening within.

Start 30 days of 'visioneering'.

Visioneering is the high art of being a boundless visionary, whilst knowing how to be a badass action-taker able to engineer a tangible result.

You are not limited to being an 'analytical thinker', or a 'feeling dreamer'.

Let's drop labels altogether, OK?!

You were gifted with both sides of the human brain and we will make use of that. It's just a matter of turning the right control button - one degree at a time. Feeling boundless and knowing at the same time that there is a clearly drawn path is what can get people excited to get their hands dirty.

In project management, the phases are called: assessment, vision building & designing, planning - everything you need to make execution possible. Sounds boring? Let's call it being a badass' visioneering' (vision-engineering) for action-takers.




Every project begins with taking inventory. What have you been saying 'yes' to so far? You'll never be satisfied with the new if you can't appreciate the old. We'll be cleaning up, dusting of, saying <merci> and seeing where you come from and how you got here. Where are the clues to what makes you remarkable?




Vision building is about being boundless. The bigger you see your future the more motivated to you'll get to start. Your purpose is your choice. It's about seeing who you can become, what you can achieve and allow yourself to have.




Take all you found in week 01+02 and see how you can show up for others without burning out. See how you can be their rock, their person of inspiration and receive their admiration by making them feel seen, heard and understood. It is easier to show up for others once you know to show up for yourself.




Building that village by sending out the right signals and seeing who reflects back and being able to create bonds through designing the moments that they will remember. You are not being everything to everyone, but focus on being outrageously you and sharing with others what comes easy to you.

I'm ready to start my project.

Buy in for founding members price of 297€

Start your personal Noteworthy-project with me & experience this:


of working together, you'll walk away with:

  • The knowledge of what exactly makes you remarkable. 
  • The clarity if interior design is really what you should invest in.
  • The inspiration of what you will work on to make yourself noteworthy.
  • See the opportunities on how to make your loved ones feel like they are your highlight.
  • The inner security of knowing how to serve your loved ones best with your natural strengths
  • Having the insight on how to find people that can add to your life what you feel is missing.
  • A defined and detailed Pinterest board with a clear style vision of your future that triggers your muse and excitement. 
  • A feeling of being in love with your future-you and the life you are building for her.
  • The self-discipline that will help you resist store scenes and sale opportunities that only want to make you feel like you saved money when all they do is make you spend.


you'll benefit from:

  • Being a part of an exclusive FB group. 
  • Lifetime access to all future updates of The Noteworthy Project.
  • Daily emails with insights, journal prompts, tasks & actions steps.  
  • Two live calls with Nic to check-in and help you with questions you may have.


2020 was a stress test - let's make the lessons count for something.

If this year has taught us anything it's that there is no one-size-fits-all-solution.

Some people struggled with confinement, others thrived.

You might think you need to work on your home, or you might just want to.

Don't let anybody tell you what is best for you, but make an informed decision BEFORE you start planning, spending money & doing the work.

Is interior design the right thing to focus on for you?

"Hopefully one day I'll..." is not good enough!

What good does a pretty home do if the way to get there only strains your nerves, budget and relationships?

If you are considering parting with your money for something better, then let's try to make it extraordinary.

'Hopefully, it'll turn out nice' doesn't cut it.  

You deserve better than 'hopefully'.

It's time to stop hiding what is unique, lovely and remarkable about you. And it is time to stop settling for average results because the average is forgettable and

-you don't want to be forgettable!

Here is what you want:

  • You want to lower anxiety for yourself and the ones you love and care for.
  • You want to feel in control of what you can influence - your environment.
  • You want to have trust that this is the right step into improving your circumstances. 
  • You want to be connected and have better relationships inside your home.
  • You want to be someone for somebody. You want to be seen but make sure your people know you see them too.
  • You want to make things happen and see results.


But most of all you just want to make home and everybody in it, feel comfortable & safe.

In the end, you will:


The good, the bad & the ugly. Your physical belongings and the mental stuff and move on forward with the best of it.


The people you can ask for input and help you make better decisions - and be a person of value for them in return.


Not just hope they had a good time, but know how to impact because you'll know how to use your strengths & create meaning.


Rather than just make it a plain, shallow result. Make your home a place of FEEL GOOD rather than just look nice.

Own what makes you remarkable

- 3 levels deep in 30 days.


Do you see yourself clearly?

I know that you know you and the story of how you got to where you are now. But as a designer, it is my job to see if 'what you say' matches up to what you do.

And most of the time the areas where you think you are not doing or being enough are simply created by inconvenient logistics - like having opted for unfortunate design elements. It is not a flaw of character or behavior within you, but a shitty room layout and unpractical furniture.

We all have situations and circumstances that bring out the best or trigger the worst in us. Those are our thrive or survive moments. If you can get crystal clear on how each one is built, you can start redesigning them. Swap the bad for the better by making a conscious decision. Use the way you are wired and design in such a way that your personality starts thriving more.

you need to wipe that condensation of the glass & see the person in the mirror clearly.


Do you see your loved-ones clearly?

You live with them and you know them inside out. What makes them tick and what makes them thrive or survive?

Start learning, observing, asking questions and cleverly testing what brings out the best in them.

You need to have been thorough on level one so you know how to:

  • Use your strengths and what comes easy to you to make thriving easy for them- through deed and design.
  • Know when you are sliding into survival and need to take a step back, or come up with a better design of space or situation - yes, situations can be designed too.
  • You can't provide yourself, but need someone else to step in. That can be hard and it takes courage, which is why you need to cover level 3...


Do you see your people clearly?

You can't do everything and you can't be there all the time, or be at your best all the time. You need to have people that have your back.

Part of a happy, fulfilled life inside your home means being able to leave and visit others, or bring them in for a time being.

Belonging is about commitment to self, your intimates, but also the outside world. You can serve them with your greatness, but also find the selected few that you can trust to fall back onto - when need be.

Do you know how to find the ones that are similar to you and your values, but not the same?

Are they different enough to help you get unstuck/ calm you/ inspire you,...?

Friendships do rarely just happen to happen. You worked for them, you provided something for each other - even though you might not have realized it in the moment.

Seeing them for who they are and how/when they thrive or survive gives you opportunities to strengthen those bonds. And it starts with level 1 - they will feel attracted to a person of clarity.

NOTEWORTHY results 3 levels deep.

This is the special knowledge cocktail you will get during the 30 days we spend together.


14 years of KNOWLEDGE

2006 was when I stumbled upon design as a tool for health, behaviour and personal development and it BLEW my mind.

There is actually real science to back it up. My analytical left brain was overjoyed - yours will be too.


WISDOM of a lifetime

I have been an expat since 2001, but even before that:

we moved A LOT when I was a kid. I grew up constantly being 'the new kid', not knowing how long of short we'd stay. I had to observe well, act with intention & make friends fast.

Belonging does not happen to happen - it is made, only you where never told how.


12 years of EXPERIENCE

I have always been into 'space', but I graduated in 2008, so...

I have worked for high end architects and designers serving high achieving clients (CEOs, Lawyers, Businessmen and even politicians).

And I have done NGO work serving the poorest of the poorest in Eastern Europe - there is always something you can do to make it better.

Not sure this is for you?

Look, this project, like any project, will take commitment. You will have to get invested and involved into this process and I'll promise you this process will give you 100% clarity.

You will either get super motivated and excited to get shit done around your home and life,


you will know for certain that investing time and money in your home is not going to get you the results you need to feel better.

>>> That is my promise to you!

Should you however still feel 'blah' and 'meh' about it all after 30 days...

No problem!

Show me you did the work and I'll refund the full amount!

See the kick-ass future-you clearly

- clear out your shizz in 30 days & move on to design an awesome 2021 for yourself.

Find the right 'action cocktail' for you:

At the end of this project you will have that big vision of who you want to be from here on onwards and feel the motivation to take concrete actions in order to get there.

Because we'll use the best out of:

  • Research from neuroscience on learning and understanding
  • exercises from positive psychology and behavioral science
  • action steps from the design discipline on how to create visual impact


€297 price