I can only recommend it

Nicole transformed our living romm from, well "OK" into a really elegant, cozy paradise of a home. Everything is so cohesive and I get so many compliments for it. Comfort and functionality of the space are on point. I am so super happy with Nicole's work.

[German original] Ich kanns euch nur empfehlen. Nic hat unser Wohnzimmer von "na ja" in ein richtig stylisches kuschliges Paradies verwandelt! Es ist einfach alles sehr stimmig! Ich bekomme so viele Komplimente. Und natürlich kommt der Konfort und Funktionalität nicht zu kurz. Bin einfach nur mega happy über die tolle Arbeit von Nicole.

Sara Wiget

Wiget Inspo mood

Warm Minimalism


  1. Create a room that unites classic British, traditional elegance with the focused clarity of Scandinvian Hygge.
  2. Cater to the need for space and safety of a young family of 3 (soon to be 4) 

More elegance, traditional value and a sense of sophistication were Saras wishes, all whilst keeping the living room a usable, safe space for the entire family. Meaning: it had to remain a kid friendly room for her toddler boy and the baby to come.

Elegance had to meet minimalism and a desire for an undeniable feeling of warmth  - those were her 3 must-haves.

The entire concept included new seating furniture, a daybed functioning as a couch table during the day and additional seating option for social events. A cohesive color scheme between upholstery fabrics, wall tone, and warm metal furniture elements was the key bring the very few items come together as one conclusive selection.

living situation



At a glance

mood and usage:

Defining the emotionaand design goal for practical use of the space.

Taking inventory of the existing, to be refurbished furniture pieces and broadening the clients understanding of her space.

Discussing her fears, insecurities, and aspirations in terms of honoring a loved one's memory.

Creating a daring, unexpected but not 'too far out there' concept, including:

- A color scheme

- A mood board with furniture, materials and textile suggestions.

- A cost estimation for newly purchased accessories.