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Change is scary.

567 'what if ____?' will run through your head.

The biggest and scariest one can be the one touching the relationships we have. What if the change I'm making will impact the relationships I have negatively.  So this quest we're on to make our life better by being proactive can turn into a hurdle run of avoiding confrontation... and we all know how that usually plays out.

This episode is my conversation with Pippa Parfait who is all about helping entrepreneurs create a DISOBEDIENT BUSINESS. A business that purposefully fucks with the status quo of how things are done usually.

But wait. 

This is not a business talk, because Pippa herself went through a personal change that I got to follow through social media and left me jaw-dropped.

Tackling change with the objective to be purposefully disobedient is confrontational for sure, but does that automatically mean it has to be agressive?

Purposefully fucking with things is bold, daring requires a good understanding of the status quo - of what is right now.

And if you are changing you, then it's also a balance game of honesty and authenticity. When you intent to become who you've never been before - can you even be "authentic" in the process?

This and much more, here.