#027 - How to stick to a decision, follow through with action & not get stuck in self doubt

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When we seek change we first have to acknowledge the obvious: we are on a journey away from something that is not serving us anymore.

We are already uncomfortable!

Doing the work, pulling through change and sticking to our decision s well as our inner knowing that we are meant to be/do/have something better: It might be hard, but it's discomfort we chose and we are being purposeful about it.

OK. Let's breathe here once or twice and head over to the next thing you need to know: 

It's OK to have "negative" emotions about this whole process. it doesn't mean you can't do this. It doesn't mean you're failing. 

Your emotions are not problems you need to solve, only experiences to be had.

As Glennon says: we can do hard things.

Now I could go on and write it all out for you, but I would miss the best parts only Sarah can deliver as Sarah delivers. Listen to the episode, have pen and paper ready. Fold the sheet in two, write on the left side the nuggets, WHAT WORDS hit the mark for you and on the right side WHY & WHERE that applies to you in your life.

At the end you'll have a map of clarity to your of 'stuckness'.

Seeing through your own mess and where you're BS-ing yourself is just such a relief. You don't have to do it anymore, once you see it.


And yes, 

you're welcome.

C'était un plaisir. 

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