#013 - How to discuss trauma - without stripping emotionally naked.

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"You are not to be blamed, shamed or made responsible for the trauma that happened to you - but you are responsible for your healing process."

They all say: you need to talk about it. - As if it was easy and you could just do it with a snip of your fingers.

Words simply don't always cut it. And how much, how deep and how explicit do you have to be for them to understand?

Re-telling is often re-living and there must be a different way.

Kate Shaffer offers in this episode her approach of art-journaling to create another pathway for you to express, to transform ... and if you feel like it: to share your trauma and what became of it.

Trauma lies in your past and can't be erased from your history, but it does not have to dominate your script from here on.


This episode is part of the 'Belonging Series' and diving into the topic on how to belong AND distance yourself from the dark parts.