#013 - You're not depressed. You are mourning the life you decided not to live.

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On paper everything is great.

You moved to another country. You have this work, this new position, you found a flat, you are growing as a person. Making new friends as an adult is not easy, but you are making new contacts. You are exploring this new place with it's new people and their culture... all is good. -on paper.

But you don't feel great at all. This expat life is hard. yes you expected it but.... this is not how do you want to feel.


And you are not alone, friend. You might feel alone, but you are not. Feeling torn between wanting to be happy and struggeling with so many, sometimes basic things is exhausting.

You might tell yourself to not be so whiny - to, get over yourself. Try to enjoy this experience, but you can't. And so you ask yourself: "Am I maybe depressed?"


Maybe you are, but before you pour this conclusion into cement, have a listen what Martina has to say about this. She is a therapist specializing in helping expats that have a hard time adjusting and finding foot in what could be a rich and full experience abroad.