#022 - Use networking to consciously build a support & success circle.

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“Knowledge is only power if it's shared.”


A woman who’s losing her sense of value and purpose because she became a trailing spouse and/ or a mother is a common phenomenon. We go from thriving in our own careers to doubting and clinging to doing the same thing each day just to survive in our expat lives. 


Change does not come easy, but with the right support and success circle, we can be different. This is a talk about female entrepreneurs clubs why empowering women and inspiring them to do the things they love without limitations could create a colorful difference in the world. 


“Get started anywhere but every time you reach a certain point, you have to change the game to reach the next point. You can’t keep doing the same things. So every time you have to scale up or you get a new opportunity, you have to push yourself. And so, that is what it's like to build a business.”