Lately I have been thinkng about how often we complain about being stuck on the rollercoaster.

How the up and down is not causing a rush, but so much stress and insecurity and we end up frustrated because there is no real stability - no reliability in our lives.


So have you ever stopped to think what brings us reliability?


It's the very unsexy thing we call predictability.

We crave for things to be predictable so that we can see what's coming, know how to react and be able to handle what's coming at us.

Our situation and our circumstances feel unstable and as a consequence we feel insecure.


But since we were talking about a rollercoaster it means it's not all bad right?


It can just go downhill when there has been an uphill before. There is a good side to this medal.

So let's cut to the chase:

there is a remedy to rollercoastering and getting off that train that frustrates us so much. But as to everything: there is a price for everything. It'll cost us the comfort of having something to complain about and mature up a tad and act as the adults that we are.


Are you ready for that?

I know sometimes I'm not.

Sometimes I want to keep hiding and not be so damn responsible all the time.

This is how you

make joy predictable

in your life.

Good things happen because of what we do when life is hard and that roller coaster is speeding down. Bad things happen in our life because of what we do, or stop doing when life is good and we are on a peak.

Read that again and then take it in with all the consequences


When things are bad we're thinking straight and we're doing all that we know how to in order to get us out. Then the straining situation starts to ease down so do our efforts that made good things happen.


So think back to your past situations:

1) how did you start letting go of the grip you had on your own behavior and actions?

2) If you let go of your "good behavior" because it was too much of a hustle and energy drain? How can you make life easier to sustain for yourself?

If you can manage to get clarity of the what and then find ways to keep it up:

3) your peak moment can become your new normal instead of the tipping point when everything goes downhill again.

Now, I know you despise the downward  spiral but realize what it is and then use it to your advantage: it's when you see clearest, it's when you're most opnem and aware to possible solutions to your problems at hand. it's when your creativity and wits are at their best. It's the moment you proove to yourself that you have what it takes to get your shit together.


Everything left to do now is:


Realize you don't need the adrenaline rush you get from saving yourself out of a shitty situation.


You deserve to give yourself the chance to make 'the good life', when everything runs smoothly, your new normal. Because once once you do that you can use it as a plateau to even better situations. 


That cute little wagon you're sitting is just an image and that image is not bound to go up and down - it's just something you were used to see that way.

You can make it only go up, up, up, if you wanted that. Up until you feel that this is where you're best and comfortablee and want to stay or cruise for a while.


Will shit still happen and knock you off?


Sure it will.


But it does not have to be a pattern.

Save this:

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