#030 - Changing how you tell the story of your life.

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Here are some of th topics we touch in this conversaton:

What’s behind your ‘Storytelling With Impact’? 

How do you help people design & tell stories better and for impact?

How’s storytelling in an informal setting different to a formal setting?

You said you help people uncover the hidden elements they were not aware of in their own story? How does that work? 

Are there elements EVERY story has, or has to have in order to have impact?

What to do to make a story timeless and relevant beyond the current moment.

We all want our story to be glorious - I the hero of my own story, but how do we balance all the story elements so it creates connection and is neither a glory fest to the narrator, nor a pity party?

If we can learn how to tell our story to make a difference in other people's lives: what do we need to change to make our story change our own life?

If we want to start writing our future story better we need courage to make changes. How do we weave courage into our ‘writing’?