It's time for early spring

Hey there my Instagram friend.




I am excited you found your way to ‘A Home Worth Having’.

A while ago I decided I wanted to have an artsy home.

Being a fan of minimalist interiors I love the impact art can make in interiors. So for the last weeks I have been browsing through different websites and Instagram accounts in order to find art that would fit into the category of beautiful, minimalist art.


But whilst connecting if so many of you through IG I noticed that we all (in the northern hemisphere) are soooo damn ready for spring to come - it’s not even funny. That includes me, of cause, most of all.

Well friend, there is nothing I can do about the amount of light, or the temperatures you get to have. What I can change, however, is the amount of leafy greens you get to see.

I don’t know how the landscape looks like where you are, but here in Switzerland, all trees and bushes and lawns are a sad sad thing to look at.


So instead of hunting for minimalist art I went to search for pictures of beautiful leafy greens that I could hang to ‘springify’ my my home. But here's the thing: with my living room makeover at full swing, I already know that this will be just a temporary gallery. Yes, there are some great art prints on Society6, Juniqe, RedBubble etc, and yes they are decently priced, but for it to be a real picture gallery I’d need at least 5 pieces and that still adds up. Oh, and I do not want to wait. I want Spring to happen - RIGHT NOW!


So, instead I had a browse through Unsplash, picked the pictures I liked best and set them into passe-par-tous with sexy proportions. Some classic in the center and some off center so the grouping on the wall looks more playful. Some (the ones I could name) I set up with their names and latin specification - makes it instantly look so sophisticated, right?!

Some pictures I had to tweak though. In order to create cohesiveness and make it look like a real curated collection (as if from one and the same artist) I adjusted the background colors and made them all a neutral grey. How do you like it?


Now, since social media is all about sharing, I thought I put this collection up for download. Why just go through all this photoshop efford only for one person to enjoy?

So those of you interested can get the zip-file with all the pic shown here - with adjusted gey backgrounds, different white frames and with AND without titles.


And if you want a frameless print of those pics: I am attaching the list of artists with their Unsplash accounts for you to download from directly.


Oh, just one thing: I am a curious cat - IF you use this free resource, tag me on IG, FB (@ahomeworthhaving) or where ever you post it - I’d loooooooove to see how you arranged things!


XO Nic*

It's time for early spring: free minimalist greenery printables
Credits go to these photographers:
It's time for early spring: free minimalist greenery printables

Scott Webb

Lauren Mancke

Sarah Dorweiler

Ariel Lustre

Rose Elena

Tanalee Youngblood

André Gorham II

Alex Rodríguez Santibáñez