You deserve a home

that is a pleasure

to come back to.

I will help you create a space that is simple, but sophisticated in just the right places.
And I want to make getting started really easy for you.

My goal is to make you feel really turned on by the changes you're about to make. All we need is to hit that sweet spot that only Joie De Vivre can bring you.

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You can stop overthinking now.

I'll make change for more pleasure really easy for you.

Let your intuition guide & answert this simple question:

"In order to experience more pleasure at home....



- coming home feels exhausting

- there is too much going on

wherever you look

- there are always too many chores

- there is always too much to clean up

- winding down at the end of the day is hard

- you can't even remember the last time you read for leisure or had time for a hobby

- ' A simplified, more mindful home' - that sounds really appealing to you

  • If this speaks to you, then it's time to LOVE the shizz out of your home and transform your space without buying more stuff.



- coming home feels like constant underwhelm

You keep thinking: "Is this it?!"

- Spark (aka. your personality) is missing. Anybody could live here, really.

- best words to describe the style & atmosphere: Average & pretty boring.

- you're looking more forward to getting out of the house than coming back home.

- when you hear the words 'remarkable, noteworthy & joy for life' you think: That's what I want!

- ' A simplified, more mindful home' - that sounds really appealing to you

  • If this speaks to and you feel, then it's time to get active and explore what your flavor of bold joy looks like & start designing a home right around that - unapologetically!

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Nic Scholtysik

Interior Designer & Better-Living-Activist

Have you ever stopped and wondered...

... about how your kids, how YOU want to remember 'home'?


As a third-culture kid, who is now a serial-expat in a multi-cultural marriage, I know that 'home' is more than a place filled with stuff.


'Home' is the place where memories are built and no matter how long or short we stay, I want my kids to remember each place as A Home Worth Having.


I, myself, want to remember my life as one big, juicy fruit ready for the tasting.


And if the juice runs down my face and hands whilst enjoying it - Hey! So be it. It’s what makes life delicious.


Honestly, 'good-looks' are only secondary, because I’m passionate about designing homes that put your ‘Joie de Vivre’ first.

...but as a designer, let me reassure you:

The good-looks we'll create together will be the best side-effects you ever had.

I'm Nic. 

Interior Designer & Better-Living-Activist.

"Joie de v....-what?!"

In short: It's the sweet spot where mindfulness and savoring meet.
It's 'The Good Life'. 

It's those moments you can't help but think: "Holy crap! I'm so lucky to be living this life!" And you should have as many of those moments as possible, so let me explain....

What do you need help with? Here are 3 ways we can work together:

Learn to design

for yourself.


I specialize in teaching people like you to do 2 things:


A) How to simplify. declutter & design for mindful living.


B) define your style, add the right kind of WOW & embrace what brings you joy.



Add strategic sophistication

Book A Powerhour.


This is all about 'Strategic Sophistication':


My two guiding principals are always to be simple, but sophisticated, whilst being high quality without being materialist. What I want for you is to:

A) make the renovation easy and organized and


B) the final results to be worth the effort.



Let me do it for you

Hire me for 1:1 design


This is all about creating home that serves your personality.


I believe that your home is NOT a branding exercise, bout should be looking into al the memories that you yet wnat ot have.

So let's have a chat and see if I'm the person for you.


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Download The Free Guide

"Home is not just a space filled with stuff. It's a vibe. It's the way we remember life, the every day life, between the big events that will shake your world."


That said: there a things you can invest in that will elevate the experience of home. Here are 8 examples you should really consider. Enjoy!

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